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APOPHANY: Brianna Bass, Megan White, Daniel Hughes

  • Fluorescent Gallery Knoxville (map)

We are compelled to seek patterns in random information. By searching for congruity in simple forms, we gain access to the order, continuity, and connectedness of the material chaos in which we function. The mind’s recognition of a repeating form allows associations to intermingle and simplify; the brick is a rectangle, the painting is a rectangle, the face is a rectangle.  

Patterns develop and merge, creating pipelines of meaning. We are embedded in an oscillating spectrum: on one end, the admitted pattern in chaos, on the other, the desire for order. This varying degree of order or disorder in materiality is generative. Navigating it, we break the code of the everyday and peer into the sublimity of inner realms, the complexity of language, and the shape of the unconscious.