As light bends at the edges of the concrete, its transformations testify to the untapped sublimity in the everyday. Flare, phosphene, and spectrum are neither object nor emptiness, both momentary and infinite. Structural, procedural painting impersonally outlines certain phenomenal features. By completing its own inner systems, the painted object asks nothing of the observer. The ephemeral is solidified without becoming petrified.

Brianna Bass is a painter currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee. She received her BFA in Painting & Drawing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2013. Themes in her work have included meditations on micro/macro reality, idealism and cosmology, and evolving structural frameworks. Her latest works are an exploration of ordered disorder, acting as methodical input/output experiments which take advantage of color relationships and visual confusion. Brianna is a small-business owner and full-time Aerial & Architectural photographer, which enables her to travel often. She is a co-founder of Mineral House Media, an online curatorial collective focused on critical analysis and the elevation of working contemporary artists.

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